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          Masala ChaachBadam Thandai/ Kesar Milk BadamEspresso CoffeeTea stationCold DrinkMineral waterFreshly squeezed seasonal fruits & vegetables                                     juice,orange,grape,tangerine,pineapple,kiwi,carrot,cucumber&mint


Muesli ,kelloggs, conflakes, porridge, rice krispies, raisin bran, wheatabix 

Chesse Platter

Gouda, comembert, danish blue, chedder, cream cheese, edam with assorted condiments melba, grapes, olives & crackers

Assorted international Meat platter

Pama, meat loof, chorizo salami, pepperoni, smoked salman,type of soucages, type of salami, with accompliments 

Egg station

Poached egg benedictine

Poached egg on toasted brioche with spinach puree , coated with hallondaise souce & finished with a flaming touch

Mexican ranch style

Fried egg, mexican tomato salsa jalapenos, served on hashed potato

Spanish Potato Omelette 

Made with boiledpotatoes, parsley, onion in olive oil

Low Cholesterol Omelette

Egg white, mushroom, spinach, onion & tomato

Greek Scramble

Goat cheese, spinach, sun-dried tomato,olive oil & fresh mint

Made to order Omelette

Masala, onion, cheese, green chilli, sunny side-up, double fried, scrambled, boiled, half done served with grilled tomatoes, mushroom, crispy bacon or soucages 

Sandwich station

Croissant sandwich

Chicken, ham, tomato, avocado & a smidge of garlic aioli sandwichin a croissant

Mini chicken sandwich with aged chedder cheese

Grilled baby chicken sandwich stuffed in toasted brioche with iceberg lettuce, tomato & remoulade dressing

Swedish sandwich

Scrembled egg, bacon hash brown patato & mustard mayonnaise in a bun

French toast

Brown bread dipped in a wipped egg batter, pan fried. Served either sweet or salted

Chinese Cuisine

 Fish balls in hot garlic sauce Chilli PaneerSpinach Ball Chilli

 Continental Counter

Poulet Sauté Chasseur(Chicken in Mushroom oregano classic sauce),Fish fried with tartare sauceGrilled fish served with exotic vegetables (live),Butter tossed sausages with onionsCrumb fried chickenOeuf Tomatoes(Boiled Eggs with tomato Mornay filling),Sunny Side up with French Toasted Bread live Live Mushroom n cheese Grilled Sandwiches,Cheese Garlic loafs Assorted Vegetable Coleslaw Sandwiches   

Frankie station

 Chicken Frankie/Egg FrankieFish frankieVeg Frankie

Hashbrown potatoes

Served with mushroom , corn

Walnut & Apricot rolls

With cream cheese in iceberg lettuce leaf

Petite fours

Mini assorted pestries & tarts

Suger free cheese cake

Mango, pineapple, chocolate, strawberry, blue berry etc.

Pan cakes


With maple syrup & fresh fruit compote


With fresh orange & maemalade souce served with whipped cream

Mile high pancake

Dusted with castor suger & served with whipped cream, maple syrup & butter

Chocolate chip

Batter with chocolate chip & peanut butter served with caramel souce

Indian Cuisine

 Fish Amritsari PakoraChicken masala tikka roll (live)Chicken kathi roll (live)Paneer kathi roll (live)Assorted Palak Veg PakoraStuffed Paneer PakoraGobhi PakoraVegetable Cutlet

Masala egg bhurjee

Served with bread

Kichad chole & bhatura

With bhatura & raw vegetable pickle, onions,Green chillies

Pao bhajee

Aloo ragra Mumbai style with pao, hari mirch & hari chutney

Matra chole with kulcha

Boiled white peas mixed with chopped green chillies, tamarind chutney

Rasedar aloo

Served with badamy/puri & methi ki lounj

Aloo ki tikki

Stuffed potato patty with urad dal pithi shallow fried & served with saunth & coriander, mint chutney

Masala paneer bhurjee

Served with bread 


Paneerbhurjee with onion, tomato, rai, meetha neem, hari mirch & dhaniya, aloo & peanut filling like south Indian hari chutney

Dosa style

ChickenRavaMasalaPlain Paper 


onion, tomato, finely chopped mixed vegetable

Peshawar ka tawa (chicken tikka roll)

Chicken boti tikka finished on the tawa with whole spice, chopped onion, tomato, green chilli & gingerFresh coriander leafsrolled in maida


Stuffed with aloo, gobhi, mulli, paneer, plain, mix veg., achari, egg, chicken, served withplain yoghurt & pickles.

Fresh fruit bar

Exotic fruits fancy(cuts seasonal)

Custard apple, berries, grape, apple, chikko,   honey dew melon, pineapple, watermelon, kiwi, mudapple, litchi, orange, plums, tangerine, mangasteen, guava etc.


Whipped cream, chat masala, flavoured yoghurt, ginger powder, honey, lemon juice

Bakery counter

Croissant,Cinnamon roll,Chocolate chip Muffins,Vanillamuffins,Chocolate Dough nuts,Sugar coated cinnamon doughnuts,Strawberry pastry,Black forest pastry,Butterscotch pastry,Vanilla pastry ,Assorted Cookies,Mix fruit & dry fruit cake ,Corn spinach Quiche,Lemon curd tart,Chocolate tart 


Small Rasgoolies, Assorted burfi, Hot gulab jamun, Zafrani halwa, Cold kheer, Cham cham, Sponji rasgoolla, Karari jalebi, Lachedar rabri, Mal